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Individual and Group Estate Planning Services

We offer our trust and estate planning services to Individuals and through Employer Groups, and Real-Estate Professionals

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Everyone! If you live in California and you own a home that is worth $50,000 or more or if you have personal property worth $150,000 or more, regardless to if you have a will, your estate could be subject to complex probate. 

Even if you don't own a home, you still need  legal documents in place appointing someone to  handle your financial and healthcare decisions should you not be able to do so for yourself. 

Most people don’t have a comprehensive estate plan because they do not realize they need one and the market is vastly underserved because of the high cost of legal expertise in the area of tax and estate law.

According to the American Bar Association, only 3% of attorneys are experts in this complex and constantly changing area of the law. Bona-fide estate planning experts command fees starting at $3,500 for a basic Living Trust package and it is important you work with a specialist in this area. 

Due to the lack of accessible information, consumers cannot tell the difference between a $500 and a $5,000 plan, or whether the fee they pay is fair and if it includes the the foundational documents needed in an estate planning documents. 

Educationally-Based Trust Services

Along with a leading California estate planning law firm, we offer educationally based seminars and comprehensive, revocable living trusts and estate planning services. 

Our program includes an educational workshop, complimentary one-on-one estate planning consultations, private trust delivery, notarizations, funding guidance and more.

Our comprehensive estate plans are customized to meet the specific needs of each individual and family’s circumstance and they include the five most important documents needed to pass assets from one generation to the next avoiding complex probate.

Our workshops are available to Employer Groups, Real-Estate Professionals and other structured organizations. There is no financial obligation or fee for offering our workshop services and all our trust and estate plans are offered at preferred pricing.  Contact Kim to learn more.

An Estate Plan Should Accomplish Three Goals


  • It should allow you to protect, manage, and enjoy your assets during your lifetime, while minimizing exposure to unnecessary taxes and liability; 

  • It should allow you to have a plan to manage your health, and financial decisions should you find yourself incapacitated and not  able to do so; and 

  • It should allow you to ultimately distribute your property to your chosen heirs and beneficiaries privately, efficiently and in the manner you so wish. 

Do You Have Answers To These Questions?

  1. Do you have minor children, if you do, have you legally identified a guardian to care for them in the event you you're not able to do so, and have you financially provided for them?

2. Are you avoiding the pitfalls of using joint tenants with rights of survivorship on your home as a way to transfer property to your children or loved ones?

3. Have you legally identified who will make healthcare decisions if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to make those decisions for yourself? 

4. Are you confident that your estate will by-pass complex probate?

5. If you have a trust, is it updated and does it properly reflect your current wishes? 

6. If you have a trust, are you 100% certain that your property is owned by the trust?

7. If you have a will, are you aware it still goes through probate?

If questions like these are on your mind Contact Kim